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Veterinary Center

Provides professional services:

1. Annual service subscription
2. Surgical treatment of cats and dogs.Operations of any complexity, including endoscopic surgery.  
3. Trauma.
4. Neurosurgical operations.
5. Maxillofacial and plastic surgery.
6.  Internal no contagious diseases cats and dogs.
7. Neurology.
8. Services resuscitation: intensive care and hospital treatment.  
9. Full range of dental services for cats and dogs (therapy, orthopedics, orthodontics, implant, cleaning of dental plaque by ultrasound).
10. Cardiology (ECG, daily readings, Doppler, consultation and management of chronic patients with cardio vascular disease).
11. Otolaryngology (medicine, surgery, Endoscopic surgery).
12. Oncology (modern and traditional oncological therapy, oncological surgery)
13. Ophthalmology (diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment).
14. Full Laboratory Services (CBC, BB, Urinalysis, Coagulogram, hormones, tank cultivation, wipes, swabs and histological studies).
15. R-investigation of any complexity, including the R-contrast studies (excretory urography, fistulografiya and angiography).
16. Endoscopic examinations (Otoscopy Medic Test, laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, gastrointestinal study with the possibility of removal of foreign bodies digestive tract without an operational method, Colonoscopy, uroscopy).
17. Emergency assistance round the clock on a 24 \ 7.
18. Endocrinology.
19. Ultrasound.
20. UFO blood hemosorbtion, hemodialysis.  
21. Vaccination and taking a test for rabies antibodies (Regulation EC № 998/2003 for dogs cats and ferrets entering the EU territory is not for commercial use (European Accreditation Centre in licensed laboratories).
22. Chipping with the placement of information in international databases.
23. Export-import, accompanied by pets anywhere in the world (According IATA).

24. Hotel for Animals (with individual room).
25. Hygienic services.
26. Consultations on the social and psychological adaptation of domestic animals.

Veterinary Center  provides 24/7 ER services exclusively to the conditions of an individual contract-subscription.

For the convenience of the visitors center, our administrator is provisional appointments by phone

+7 (727) 397 45 23, +7 777 111 11 34
Enrolling in a certain time, you will save yourself and your pet from the tedious waiting in the queue.
The results of research and the treatment you can get your hands on all the digital media or print.
The staff of our clinic is work for your pet.
Our goal - to create more comfortable conditionsconduciveto the speedy recovery of our patients-your pets.


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