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We attach importance to preventive health care for your pets, early diagnostic testing for the prevention of disease and complications.
In addition to providing the best veterinary care, we try to educate owners of the proper care of animals outside the clinic in order to prolong their life and improve its quality, knowing that your pet is an important part of your life.
We use every opportunity to improve our services and our skills. All doctors of veterinary center regularly attend lectures and seminars on veterinary medicine and pass professional certification that allows them to guarantee a high level of competence.
Doctors and staff of veterinary center share a common goal - the welfare of your pet. We - the veterinary center of a new generation of technologically and intellectually equipped with the latest veterinary industry. We implement the latest methodology of diagnosis and treatment of animals in daily life, attracting the best talent and to "grow" their team of professionals capable of fighting for the lives of patients based on knowledge and experience, taking into account the individual interests of each client.


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